Leespac as your Supply Partner

Running a successful business requires reliable manufacturing and supply partners.

Most of our products are manufactured  and distribution through our very own facilities throughout Asia and New Zealand, we are able to offer our “On Time Supply” promise.

This guarantees that we will not only supply the products that you require, we will also deliver the finished products to you quickly.

Our Treeless Raw Material

We have built a reputable foundation by providing high-quality packaging options for everyone at an affordable price

Our Eco conscious range under The Green Planet brand uses raw materials such as sugar cane, reed and bamboo to replace the usage of trees. This allows us to provide products made from alternative resources to our customers at competitive prices

Unique raw material replacing tree products, such as sugarcane, bamboo, reed, palm and corn


Sugarcane offers a natural by-product when it is processed into sugar. It’s called bagasse. Bagasse is found in many household products but you wouldn’t know it. It’s one of the world’s best kept secrets.

Sugarcane is the number one agricultural crop harvested in the world. Bagasse is formed when the juice from the sugarcane is extracted. After extraction, it is crushed during the production process. Because it is a natural by-product of sugar production, bagasse is industrially affordable. Now the paper industry has found that it can easily be used for paper production.

A harvestable tree takes about 30 to 40 years to grow before it can be used for pulp while sugar cane can re-flourish for harvest in only 12 months.


Bamboo is the most important non-wood species which is abundantly grows in most of the tropical and subtropical zone. It has developed as a specially valuable and superior alternate for wood composite manufactured, such as for pulp and paper.

Bamboo is a highly renewable material. It is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants, with some species growing up to 3 feet a day. Bamboo needs no replanting, and grows without fertilizers or pesticides and is harvested from controlled stands in three to five years. Hardwood forests on the other hand, need 15-20 years to mature. It is the fastest growing canopy for the re-greening of degraded lands and releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent timber stands.

EFB (Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches)

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and Malaysian Palm Oil Board have undertaken research and development and commercialization of eco-friendly pulp production using the oil palm Empty Fruit Bunches. This innovative technology uses the oil palm Empty Fruit Bunches as its feedstock to extract and convert its fibers into pulp sheet. By deriving and extracting value from the EFB, we are able to leverage on one of the most eco-friendly methods to produce high quality pulp that can be made into various paper based products such as food tray, cake box, pizza box, magazine holder, plate, paper bag, and any other paper based products.

PLA (Polyactic acid)

PLA (polylactic acid) is a biopolymer made using dextrose (suger) derived from sugarcane, corn, sugar beets, wheat and other sustainable resources. We use PLA resin to laminate paperboard in the production of paper cups. PLA products have a temperature resistance between -20º to 50ºC. They are NOT suitable for hot liquids. PLA compostable cold cups & containers are comparable in strength & weight to normal plastic. PLA is annually renewable and certified compostable and biodegradable.


Like Bamboo, reed is a fast growing plantation that grows in wet ditches and marshes, which does not competing the agriculture land from normal crops. It is a large perennial grass found in wetlands throughout temperate and tropical regions of the world. Reeds have become an important raw material for paper and the demand increases year by year. The stem contains over 50 percent cellulose and is useful in the manufacture of pulps for paper. According to research and studies, annual outputs of reeds pulp are about five times the quantity of bamboo pulp.